How can you become a tax filer in Pakistan?

Now a days, obtaining a status of tax filer in Pakistan and enlisting your name in the active taxpayer's list of the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) has become easily manageable than in the past history, when a person has to wait in queue for hours to give his particulars of return to FBR. Now a person, irrespective of the status as whether he is a salaried individual, Partnership (AOP), company (private or public), student, the sole proprietor (Business Individual), Pensioner, and also overseas Pakistani, can attain a status of tax filer without even going to FBR or visiting Pakistan in case of overseas.
The government of Pakistan has streamlined the process for filing an income tax return through its IRIS portal in order to enable every individual to discharge his liability and enjoy the advantages of tax filer, which are not offered to a non-filer.

Here it is mandatory to comprehend the terms filer, non-filer, and Active Taxpayer list (ATL), before going to understand the process to become a tax filer in Pakistan and the documents which are required to become a tax filer in Pakistan.

  • Filer
  • Non-filer status
  • Active Tax Payer (ATL) List

Tax filer and a non-filer

A person who submit his Income Tax Return having all requisites essential by FBR in Pakistan and Taxpayer who is not filing his Income Tax Return, becomes a non-Filer spontaneously.

Active taxpayer list

Active Tax Payer list is a list updated by FBR on every first day of March every year, containing names of persons and NTN numbers who are tax filers.

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