Copyrights Registration in Pakistan

The registration of the copyrighted work is voluntary and granted only if the owner applies as prescribed. However, the registration of copyright work is recommended, as a certificate issued by the Copyright Office serves as prima-facie evidence to prove copyright ownership before the court of law or any authority.
Before going into a brief detailed discussion about the registration of copyrights in Pakistan, it is critical to apprehend the concept of copyright.

What is copyright?

Copyright is some kind of shield given in the copyrights’ law and protection given by law for unique work of authorship, containing poetry, musical, novels, software, movies computer, songs and artistic creation, which signifies both published and unpublished works.
The domain of copyright does not protect any.
  • Operations
  • Systems
  • Facts
  • Methods or any idea
In Pakistan, Copyright is a law which gives title of the ownership for the work that writer made. In other words, if someone writes a book or poem, and he owns it because he is the writer of it then, this is the law of copyright due to which his ownership is secured if he get it registered under the copyright law.

How does copyright give protection to work?

Copyright defends the original work and refrains others from;
The domain of copyright does not protect any.
  • Copying of your work
  • Supply of Copies of the work, either Free of Charge or retail Price
  • Performing or displaying your work in general public
  • Creation of different versions of your work
  • Assignment of work on the Internet

Things sheltered under the copyright

Here are the following which may be sheltered under the Copyright Rues 1967 with IPO in Pakistan.
  1. Cinematography film along with the documentaries
  2. Musical things and Sound recordings
  3. Artistic creation like paintings, charts, photographs, maps sculptures, Label Designs
  4. Original literary Books, journals, Dictionaries, Computer Programs, Lectures, IT Software, Data, etc.
  5. Broadcasts on various channels
  6. Published editions
  7. Catalogues
  8. Research Work, User Manuals, Newspapers, etc.

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The Formal Copyright Registration System in Pakistan

  • Copyright is an intellectual property defence. For example, trademarks and Patents Copyright registration in Lahore and all over Pakistan is made grounded on an official IPO Pakistan and Copyright Rules, 1967.
  • After furnishing copyright registration, the Applicant turn out to be a legal owner of his artistic or creative work regarding music, books, website, etc.
  • An author's original work is impossible to copy after getting it registered with the IPO authorities in Pakistan.
  • If not permitted by the author, it is not allowed for anybody to use the copyright registered material. However, an author’s consent is required for using its published or copyright material and he has a right to charge others for using his work material and formations.
  • Copyrights registration in all over the Pakistan provides shield for inventors from infringement of creation, and copyright legal rules and regulations forbid others from any type of use or copying it.